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Directions to Akumal Beachfront Condo from Cancun Airport

  • Akumal is about 60 miles south of the Cancun Airport.
  • There is just one north/south highway which is highway #307.
  • You take the connecting road out of the airport to this highway and bear right which will take you in a southerly direction.
  • Stay on this highway all the way to Akumal.
  • The highway is a 4 lane (2 in each direction) divided highway which means you can't turn left in many locations.
  • You have to use the "retornos" to turn back the other way on the highway to reach certain destinations on the other side.
  • You will have to use the retorno to turn left into Playa Akumal actually after you use the retorno, you will turn right since you will then be headed north).
  • We say Playa Akumal to differentiate it from Akumal Pueblo on the west (right) side of the highway where the locals live.
  • There is some good shopping in the Pueblo and a couple of good restaurants. Sorry for diverting.
  • On the highway when you get to Akumal you will see the sign and a pedestrain bridge over the highway followed by a vehicle bridge over the highway.
  • The entrance to Playa Akumal is on the other side at the vehicle bridge.
  • After you pass under the bridges, in about a couple of hundred meters, you will come to the "retorno" to redirect to the north. Get into the left lane to do this.
  • When you come out of the retorno, get over to the right to enter into Akumal at the bridge.
  • Now you will follow this road all the way to the condo which is about 1 1/4 miles from the entrance. Just bear left all the way.
  • You will pass over many speed bumps to keep you moving slowly in this residential area. No traffic lights or stop signs.
  • My condo, Iguana #5 is part of the Iguana/Sirena Condo Complex and is located at the far northern end of Half Moon Bay. You will see the sign on your right.
  • Just park in one of the designated spaces in front of the complex.
Check into the managers office when you arrive. My manager's office is to the right of the entry to the property. He will be expecting your arrival. Just introduce yourself and tell him you are staying in Iguana #5. My manager is Alvar who is assisted by Hector and Marcial. Alvar and crew are there to make sure all is perfect for you stay. If there are any problems in the condo, report it immediately to the manager so he can correct the problem. Let me know if this is all clear. By the way, the water from the tap is not potable. Purified bottled drinking water is provided for your entire stay.


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